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Bible, Teaching and Education is a website founded and managed by me since 2010.
I teach Bible at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. My research interests are the biblical story, its significance, characteristics, ways of expression and themes, and the status of the Bible in Israeli society and in the educational system. The website uses Blogger, Google's free weblog publishing tool, but the title Blog is misleading since it is not a personal diary but a continuously-updated web journal, designed to bring the latest information about books, exhibitions and events, and to be a platform for continual and open dialogue about Bible, teaching and the Israeli society. The website welcomes and encourages original works in plastic arts, poetry and prose.
This cyberspace is home for researches and works of prominent figures in the field of humanities, arts, academia and the educational system in Israel, and is open to new and primary researches of young people- students and teachers in training. This website is an open, and welcoming, commercial free zone that is not driven by personal interests or opinions. The dominant language of this site is Hebrew, but occasionally there are articles in English.
Greetings and thanks to all commentators, writers and contributors, to surfers from Israel and abroad who find interest in its content. Special thanks to my son Avi Mazor, the graphic artist, and my partner, Yoav Mazor, that contributes to the visual side of the website.