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'About Bible Teaching and Education' is a blog founded and managed by me since 2010. I am a lecturer in Bible, at the Hebrew University, and teach, among other things, as part of 'Man and Medicine' of the Faculty of Medicine of the Hebrew University. My research interests are biblical faith and its literature, the text of the Bible, and the status of the Bible in education and Israeli society. Publishes research on this in journals and conferences and participates in international congresses on the study of the Bible and its teaching.

The purpose of the blog is to spread knowledge and enable discourse in the broad field of the Bible, its research, teaching, and its status in Israeli society. From time to time he spreads his wings to even broader cultural topics (thoughts, archeology, etc.). The emphasis in it is on academic essays on biblical subjects. At the same time, there is a stage for lively original works inspired by the Bible: poetry and fiction (the 'Come Spirit of Song - Anthology of Biblical Poetry' section), analyses of biblical poetry, and visual art (the 'Statue and Every Picture' section). The materials on the blog are diverse: it has articles, photos, and videos. A special section in the blog is 'in memory' describing the work of prominent personalities in studying the Bible and its teachings.

The blog is not a network journal but a kind of streaming academic internet journal that is updated frequently. This nature makes it possible not only to offer surfers studies and works of timeless value but also topical information, often in real-time, about what is happening in the field: archaeological discoveries, new books, exhibitions, and events. Every year during the Hebrew Book Week, the blog publishes recommendations from personalities on interesting books from diverse fields that invite surfers to opportunities to expand their horizons and cultural enrichment. Lists of new and old books are published throughout the year, not just in conjunction with special events.

The blog is always open for free, there is no money for anyone interested. Its main language is Hebrew, but occasionally there are also records in English.

The virtual space of the blog serves as a hostel for the research and works of prominent personalities in the world of spirituality, art, academia, and the education system in Israel, and its door is also open to the beginnings of research and creation of young people - students and teachers.

The blog is extremely careful to comply with the copyright law within the framework of fair use for educational purposes without any intention of profit, regarding every work and essay included in it. Any publication in it is done under the express permission of its author. If there was an oversight, and a certain material was brought illegally, please report it to me and it will be corrected immediately.

The blog entries can be read from computers, tablets, and cell phones.

This blog is a free and clean space, indifferent to ratings and not influenced by economic, political, religious, or other interests. There are no advertisements in it, any entity does not finance it, and there is no interference from interested parties. I maintain it myself without any partners or helpers. Investing in it countless hours of thought and creation (writing, editing, graphic design, and programming), all for heaven's sake - to increase knowledge and love of the Bible and culture.

My Facebook accompanies the blog, and valuable comments and discussions about the entries in the blog frequently develop there. Facebook address https://www.facebook.com/mazor.lea

The blog is intended, therefore, for Bible scholars, Bible teachers in schools, students, and the educated audience.

Blessings and thanks to all the intellectuals and souls whose fruits live in this space, blessings and thanks to all the hundreds of thousands of surfers from Israel and the world who find in it a voice that speaks to them, and special thanks to my son, the graphic artist Avi Mazor, and to my own, Yoav Mazor, whose photographs, which are occasionally embedded in the blog, contribute to the side the visual and interpretative of the contents appearing in it.


Lea Mazor

For contact: mazor.lea@gmail.com